Epitaphium XXX2

Epitaphium XXX

Tiny parts of thoughtfulness
levitate in empty skies
an epilogue of last goodbyes
echoes through a moonless night

Tales of old are sinking down
mementos fill up cloudy eyes
cries and silent songs of grace
travel more than thousand miles

Everyone on earth can hear
and feel the ending of a life
filled with miracles and dreams
endless was the will to strive

for the simplest of them all,
to be loved before one dies
a rarity that can be found
only in the afterlife

And in those nightly songs of grace
draping over time and space
shrouds of untold truth that I’ve
never heard and never faced

A woven web of sound and phrase
fragile like a veil of lace

Only crafted for the grave
a precious gift
life never gave.

| Vincent Jongman